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Wellnation Corporate

Wellnation Corporate is the corporate wellness program of Endeavour’s Wellnation Student clinic. With six clinic locations across Australia, and over 4000 students we can support your employees and clients to be their best.

Preventative health care is receiving increasing attention in the government and insurance sectors and has a unique contribution in improving Australian workforce productivity. According to a 2010 report the cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion per year and the cost of presenteeism (attending work but not fully performing due to a health concern) is nearly four times more.

Wellnation Corporate is aimed at tackling the impact of increasingly poor worker health on Australian businesses and foster a wellbeing culture in workplaces.The program allows employers to reap the benefits of enabling a ‘well workforce’ within an affordable budget.

Benefits for the employer

  • No big costs! Promote health and wellness within your organisation with a ‘User Pay’ model
  • Confidence with a fully insured service provider
  • Potential to reduce number of injuries, attrition and sick days while improving job satisfaction and retention
  • Increased productivity through improved employee health and wellbeing
  • Encouraging a healthier organisational culture

What we offer

Access to treatments in

Corporate deals and programs that

  • Encourage optimal health and addresses
  • Seasonal health concerns (such as cold and flu)
  • Family and friends benefits and access to services
  • On-site pop up displays, health and wellness talks and staff room displays

Please contact us on 1300 859 785 to learn more.

Case studies

Newscorp: Wellness as a client engagement strategy

Clinic hamper In 2014 Newscorp Qld, a large media and newspaper firm, approached Wellnation Clinics to create a tailored package for their Christmas gift program. Understanding the positive benefits that comes with promoting health and wellness to their clientele, Newscorp requested a tiered gift package that offered each of their clients the opportunity to indulge and relax after a long year. The gifts contained Wellnation Clinic vouchers and health and wellness products designed to kickstart 2015 with the right support for all those with new year resolutions.

The hampers were presented beautifully with finishing touches such as sprigs of lavender and essential oils. The feedback has been that this approach has been a major differentiator for Newscorp’s client engagement strategy for 2015. Later in the year a Super Nutrition cooking class program is slated for account managers and their clients.

“Your team have been AMAZING! Thanks for the stellar effort today. I will be sure to pass on to the powers that be here how fantastic you guys have been.” – Emma, Newscorp 2015

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and efforts in getting the Christmas gifts organised within the short time-frame! We are getting so many positive responses to the gifts.” – Dee, Newscorp 2015


Goodlife: 12 Weeks to Wellness

Twice a year Goodlife run a 12 Week Challenge for its members to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. To complement this challenge, Wellnation Clinics became a national partner and designed a ’12 Week to Wellness’ program to run in parallel. This included weekly social media promotions and prizes to increase member engagement and local pop up activities at gyms and bootcamps. These pop-up activities have included nutritionally designed smoothies, post workout stretching and mini-massages as well has health talks by our senior lecturing team.

All 12 Week Challenge participants are offered multi-session packages and discounts to support them with quality advice and care from a range of modalities such as nutritional medicine, naturopathy, myotherapy, intermediate massage and acupuncture.


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