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Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine

A holistic approach to health care underpins the philosophy and framework of Clinical Nutrition practice at Endeavour College of Natural Health. This encompasses a whole system approach to health care that considers the physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual needs of the person.

Holistic Clinical Nutritionists can aid in the prevention and management of a wide range of complex health conditions, including digestive complaints, stress and fatigue, mood disorders and sleep problems, allergies and autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, female and male reproductive concerns, and other endocrine disorders.

A consultation with one of our student Clinical Nutritionists will involve a comprehensive and holistic assessment of your health, including assessment of nutrient adequacy, food quality, dietary behaviours and lifestyle. Frequently, anthropometrics and bio impedance analysis are used. Student Clinical Nutritionists will work with you to determine attainable health goals that will optimise your health and wellbeing. Treatment recommendations will encompass dietary and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. Furthermore, our students will be able to formulate and dispense a nutritional supplement that is personalised for you. All students practice under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced practitioners that guide and review all treatment plans.

Condition Application
Hay Fever and Allergies Nutritional support is very beneficial when combating the exhausting cyclical symptoms of Spring hay fever and allergies. Eating the right foods and supporting the body’s immune system through this season can offer relief and peace of mind. A nutritional approach to treatment aims to reduce inflammation and hypersensitivity of mucous membranes, decreasing watery secretions from the nose and eyes. Recommendations will include dietary and lifestyle suggestions and supplementation.
Weight Management Nutritional Medicine can provide a high standard of care to assist clients in their weight management journey. A range of measurable tools like anthropometric analysis and personalised menu plans are ideal for optimal results and lasting health benefits. Analysis of a client’s diet can identify vital nutrients that aid digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to help reduce body mass and increase energy.
Stress & Fatigue Stress and fatigue are common symptoms affecting people living a busy, time restricted lifestyle. These can affect our body’s digestive systems as well as the central nervous system and immune system which can then impact on vital organ function. Today’s western diet is high in refined sugars, alcohol, highly oxidated trans-fats while often being low in important nutrients such as essential fatty acids (EFAs), whole foods and grains, complex carbohydrates and proteins – all involved in reducing the impacts of stress!
Sports Performance Sports nutrition has become a highly developed speciality using tools and techniques to gauge a person’s body composition and help plan dietary adjustments accordingly. Recording this information over time helps a client adjust their body mass and diet for optimal sport performance. Nutrition can raise muscle mass while reducing weight. Sporting injuries can also be assisted by dietary interventions that reduce inflammation, improve muscle performance and cramps, reduce pain and encourage healing.
Infant and Children's Health Pediatric care using nutrition can be applied to children in a practical way that can achieve lasting outcomes. By using food as medicine, health concerns in children such as allergies, infections, growth challenges, fussy eating and behavioural issues can be treated – sometimes reducing the dependence on medical interventions. Nutritional medicine is also a useful tool in identifying food sensitivities and finding alternative health substitutes.
Skin Conditions Nutritional medicine views the skin as an organ just like your liver. Often skin conditions are an indication of an internal imbalance and nutritional medicine aims to support your body to return to optimum balance resulting in clearer skin! They do this by taking the burden of detoxification away from the skin and facilitating the bodies natural cleansing process through internal mechanisms. Treatment might include diet plans, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations such as skin brushing.
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