Myotherapy (Advanced Treatment)

Myotherapy (Advanced Treatment) is all about identifying and addressing the underlying causes of musculoskeletal conditions as well as treating symptoms. Techniques used in Myotherapy are implemented with a long term pain relief solution in mind.

You can expect a visit with a Myotherapist to be different from a visit to a Myotherapy (Intermediate Treatment) therapist in that there is a greater focus on assessing the underlying causes of your condition. Your practitioner will work with you develop a holistic plan of management which may include exercise prescription, diet/nutritional measures, postural awareness, as well as hands-on techniques including lymphatic drainage, stretching, deep tissue massage, cupping and dry needling.

You might visit a Myotherapist for acute or chronic pain such as back pain, ligament and tendon damage, soft tissue conditions and muscular pain.

HeadachesMyotherapists use a broad range of techniques that will correct the alignment of the upper neck joints that cause a majority of headaches.
Sports InjuriesWhether it is a muscle strain, ligament sprain or overuse injury, Myotherapy aims to reduce the pain and movement issues associated and will develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for the patient to get back to physical activity as soon as possible.
Lower Back PainMyotherapy aims to treat the pain, but will also assess and correct the patient skeletal/mechanical issues that have contributed to the development of their back pain. This can be postural, muscular or injury related.

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