Acupuncture is all about stimulating and enhancing the body’s self-healing power. At the core of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a unique and wider view of holism: the human body as one organic part of the surrounding universe, connected with nature. By balancing the human body’s distinct yet interdependent functions, practitioners aim to eliminate disease and promote best possible health.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is fast becoming recognised internationally as a modality that is growing in scientific evidence-base and can effectively complement conventional medicine treatments. To reflect this trend, in 2013 Traditional Chinese Medicine (inc Acupuncture) was incorporated into AHPRA, the body that regulates and standardises mainstream health practitioners.

You can expect a visit to an acupuncturist to involve four methods to evaluate your condition: observing (the condition of your tongue, for example), hearing/smelling, interviewing and palpating (taking your pulse, for example). Acupuncture treatment involves the use of thin metal needles which are inserted through the skin at specific points which run along the body’s meridians. This treatment aims to restore the flow of Qi (vital force) that has been disrupted with illness-causing blockages and imbalance.

You might visit an acupuncturist for pain related conditions, circulatory disorders, gastrointestinal complaints, infertility/IVF, stress, insomnia, menopause, kidney stones, chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety, depression, arthritis or quitting addiction to smoking.

Hay fever and AllergiesAcupuncture is an excellent choice for the debilitating symptoms of hay fever and allergies that come with the rising pollen count in Spring. Seasonal allergy sufferers can come in at the start of the season for regular symptomatic relief. Treatments are designed to reduce the severity of symptoms and can be adjusted for unique symptoms as they arise throughout the season. The use of immune enhancing and allergy symptom herbal formulas can enhance these treatment outcomes.
Weightloss and ObesityChinese Medicine is steeped in thousands of years of dietary and lifestyle advice that works seamlessly with acupuncture and Tui Na massage to help a patient with these issues in a time honoured methodical way to lose weight, exercise and eat well.
Stress and FatigueThe rich tradition that is Chinese Medicine has always seen how the mind, body and spirit must all be treated for profound change in the areas of adrenal exhaustion, fatigue and stress. In our modern 21st Century lives, these are foundational challenges that are endemic in western culture. Acupuncture has been shown to increase the levels in the body of feel good, restorative chemicals that work to reduce stress and address fatigue. With regular acupuncture, the use of some very effective formulas and the use of dietary and lifestyle advice over time patients see report increased energy and deep restful, rejuvenating sleep. Acupuncture is a very good adjunct to reducing the effects of stress and regaining vitality.
Smoking CessationThe 4 treatment “NADA protocol” has been used successfully in thousands of treatment facilities, hospitals and prisons worldwide to help quit smoking and more general addiction. Since it was first used at the Lincoln Hospital, New York in the 1970s by Dr Michael Smith, the treatment protocol works to ease and inhibit the addiction cravings. By reducing the addiction cravings, clients can more successfully make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. At Wellnation Clinics our senior students are trained in the implementation of this simple, restful protocol. Our students are trained in understanding the psychology of addiction so they can design treatment plans tailored towards the needs of the patient. The protocol requires regular treatment and you may like to consider the Wellnation Treatment Packages as an inexpensive way to ensure success.
Sports and StrainsAcupuncture is a wonderful standalone therapy for the treatment of soft tissue pain and injury. Acupuncture treatments can reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing. When coupled with Chinese Medical Massage or Tui Na and other physical tools that we employ in our clinics, our student acupuncturists are able to help with many strains and pain issues in our clients. Many sports people use acupuncture on a regular basis to speed healing and recovery from injury or operations.
PediatricsChildren in Chinese Medicine are treated gently as a rule. In some ways their robust health means that for many childhood ailments and illnesses with acupuncture and Tui Na, it is just a gentle nudge that can bring them back to health. In other more chronic cases, the acupuncturist works with the parents and care givers to give them protocols to help their children with acupressure and gentle herbs to provide daily, incremental treatment. This can be supplemented with semi-regular Chinese Medicine treatment for issues like digestive upset or intractable ear infections.
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