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Three ways to enjoy a gluten-free Christmas

Three ways to enjoy a gluten-free Christmas

Three ways to enjoy a gluten-free Christmas

For those of us following a gluten-free diet, the extra social gatherings at Christmas time can pose a challenge. Here are three ways to take the pressure off and enjoy the festive season:

Eating out

These days we are very fortunate, and many cafes and restaurants have gluten-free options available. In the lead up to the event, browse the menu online to see if the venue has a gluten-free selection. If they don’t, it’s a great idea to ring ahead of time. When given plenty of notice, most places are happy to plan and prepare a gluten free meal for customers.


Crackers with cheese, mini quiches and spring rolls are popular nibbles to have with a glass of champagne, as people catch up on the year that’s been. Typically these aren’t served in a gluten-free form, making mastering the nibbles part of a social gathering extra challenging. It pays to ask the staff if any gluten-free nibbles are available, it is more than likely you won’t be the first or the last to ask! Look out for nibbles made of whole foods that are naturally gluten-free such as fresh fruit, plain nuts for vegetable sticks that are served beside dips.

Contribute to the catering

When attending a gathering with family or friends, taking along a contribution that is gluten-free, ensures there will be something there for you to eat and enjoy. Selecting an option that is loaded with protein, such as a frittata or quinoa and chickpea salad, will as a bonus help to fill you up!

With some planning the stress of staying true to your gluten-free diet over Christmas can be minimised, leaving you free to enjoy the festive season.


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