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Yoga for Women

Yoga for Women

Yoga for Women

Yoga: it’s everywhere. Regardless of gender, yoga is touted as one of the best things for health and wellbeing, incorporating movement, meditation and strengthening into one fun little package. But, since this theme is all about women’s health and well-being, let’s get a bit more specific:

As women, we are naturally nurturing to those around us, and often this means we take on more than we realise; emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically we become slightly overburdened. Then throw in monthly cycles with ever-changing hormones, daily stressors of a modern life and whatever else might be on the road and boom! Smack down.

Since yoga is restorative, mindful and just plain amazing, it can be a wonderful tool to have on hand for daily recovery and health. I have added a few to this page that are my personal favourites in times of physical, emotional and spiritual tension. But, in all honesty, ANY regular yoga practice will keep any woman feeling like a warrior goddess that can overcome anything and everything life may bring about without compromising any of your inner vitality.


1.      Goddess pose (Utkana Konasana)

Why I love it:

An empowering pose that allows you to release frustrations, find inner strength, open the hips (to release any aches and tension in the lower body), and strengthen the lower body. It’s called the Goddess pose; breathing through this one should empower you and get you feeling like the Goddess you truly are.


2.      Cobra pose (Bhujangsana)

Why I love it:

Cobra is a heart-opener pose, perfect for those who continue to give when depleted, connect deeply and may feel a little ‘hardened’ by it all. Physically, it is a great pose for the lower back and abdomen, improving both strength and flexibility. If you’re stuck behind a desk and sitting all day long, this is a great one to keep the lower back pain in check. Emotionally, if you are feeling drained, sad and perhaps a little heart-sore, try cobra for a gentle release and easement of the emotional burden that we, as women, tend to carry around.


3.      Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

Why I love it:

Adding this to the Goddess pose will supercharge that empowered feeling. Physically, it tones the arms, legs and strengthens up the core muscles. Emotionally, it reminds you that you are stronger than you feel. Full disclosure: all the warrior poses are probably my favourite for the mental and emotional aspects they provide. They bring an innate sense of strength and determination to succeed and persevere. Empowerment at its finest.


4.      Half lord of the fishes pose (Ardha matsyendrasana)

 Why I love it:

Spinal twist poses in general are wonderful. They allow us to maintain flexibility in the spine, strengthen, massage the organs, reduce bloating and abdominal discomfort, and even tone the sides to shrink the waistline. Seated twists like this one are great for grounding through the tailbone (or, in energetic lingo, the root chakra), and bringing energy up through the spine. This one is also wonderful for increasing the circulation which help remove toxins, improve the skin, shift any fluid retention and increase digestive ability.


5.      Garland pose (Malasana)

Why I love it:

This pose may feel like a strange squat at first but connecting to it allows you to really connect to the inner powerhouse that you are. Physically this is an amazing pose for stretching the thighs and opening the hips while bringing some spinal, back and abdominal strength into play. If you’re a ‘every-day-in-heels’ kinda gal, this is a good one to stretch and strengthen the ankles and lower leg muscles that often shorten in long-term stiletto use. Plus, this allows you to connect to a more historic and primitive side of being a woman. And nothing is more empowering than embracing everything that it means to be a woman, including our ancestry. 


So what now?

If you’re keen to give yoga a go but aren’t quite ready to sign up for classes, check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It’s free, good for any level and avoids judgement in any way, shape or form. You’ve got nothing to lose with this one, and everything to gain.

About Danielle:

Currently a 4-year student practitioner at Wellnation clinic in Brisbane, Danielle is available for the remainder of the semester on Monday’s 3-6pm and Fridays 8-11am 


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