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4 Pack Appointment Plans

Affordability is important to us and your practitioner may need to see you regularly over a period of time to help you achieve results. Find out more about our 4 pack appointment and treatment plans.

Treatment Plans Available

Often the best way to achieve the results you want is to ensure you have a plan in place with the right people to support you. Our Wellnation Treatment Plans are designed for those who know that it takes more than one session to create lasting results.

Senior Student Practitioners

Each treatment is performed by a senior student of Endeavour College of Natural Health under the qualified supervision of a Clinic Supervisor. All treatment plans are closely monitored to achieve the best results for you.

Meet our Wellnation Clinics team

Wellnation Clinics and all our Senior Student Practitioners embrace the natural health philosophy of holism. We believe mind, body and spirit need to be in balance and harmony if health and wellbeing are to be maintained. There are no limits to the range of diseases and disorders that can be treated in a holistic way.

Treatment Options

Acupuncture is all about stimulating and enhancing the body’s self-healing power. At the core of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a unique and wider view of holism: the human body as one organic part of…

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Homeopathy is all about gentle and holistic healing. The difference between homeopathy and other forms of treatment is that homoeopathy does not treat the disease but the person who is experiencing the illness – you. Homeopathic remedies…

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Myotherapy/MST is all about identifying and addressing the underlying causes of musculoskeletal conditions as well as treating symptoms. Techniques used in Myotherapy/MST are implemented with a long term pain relief solution in mind. You can expect a…

Read More about Myotherapy/MST

Naturopathy is all about finding the innate point of balance within each individual. Naturopaths trust in your body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself and acknowledge that all bodies are truly unique. They look beyond symptoms to identify…

Read More about Naturopathy

Nutritional Medicine is all about your relationship with food (glorious food!) and understanding not only how it fuels and energises your body but how foods can be used as medicine to assist in the treatment of a…

Read More about Nutritional Medicine

Remedial Massage is all about providing relief from pain and tension. The healing power of touch is known to be universally effective not just in providing relief for physical pain and tension but, as a holistic therapy,…

Read More about Remedial Massage

A typical Swedish Massage treatment includes the following: The collection of the client’s health history. Postural assessment to identify areas of tension in the body. Tissue health assessment via palpation. Application of a sequenced therapeutic/ relaxation massage…

Read More about Swedish Massage

Tui Na Massage is all about soft tissue treatment, skeletal alignment, and energy issuance. It’s a branch of Chinese medicine that treats the patient using only the practitioners hands to bring about a change in the patient’s…

Read More about Tui Na Massage

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