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Our clinic uses a holistic approach with a strong focus on prevention and creating wellness. So whether you are looking to improve your overall vitality, reduce your stress levels, enhance your immune system, lose weight, increase your athletic performance or focus on a particular health concern - our clinics have a variety of service options just for you.

Client Testimonials

The student who treated me was excellent.

They identified the source of pain in my back and I have felt fantastic ever since.
I was so pleased with the eating plan my Nutrition student developed for me, it had all the details about the food I ate and what was good for me and what I was lacking.

The information really made a difference to how I choose my meals.
My son had been having a lot of anxiety about studying and exams, since seeing the Naturopathic student at your clinic he is a lot calmer and feels more confident going into his finals.
The massage was perfect. I will be back for more!
Everyone was friendly, kind and so professional. I was really happy with the treatment and the outcome.
It was my first time having a Tui Na appointment. I liked it because I could keep my clothes on.
My child has been a different boy since I started him on the eating plan the nutritionist student recommended.

Even his teachers can't believe the rapid change in him. I will definitely be back for me next time and will be telling all my friends.
Didn't think I would ever get rid of my back ache, thanks Gold Coast students!
I just loved the photos of my eyes that the Naturopathic students took. Iridology is just amazing, great that I got to keep the photos…

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Healthcare Menu

This easy reference clinic health care menu details some of the most commonly presented health problems and provides a treatment recommendation that will best address the patient’s concerns.

It's about making health care accessible and helping patients to understand, and be part of the healing process.

Download our Healthcare Menu